Take your Christmas celebration to a whole new level with a special visit by Santa Bill.

Days until Christmas in Texas!








Santa Bill

Santa Home Visit

Make Christmas even more exciting by having Santa Bill visit your home!  Make this Christmas extra special.

Santa Sneak And Peek

Christmas Eve, the moment every child is waiting for.  Santa Bill will personally visit your home and give your family a chance to catch a peek of him at work.

Santa Picture Time

Have your child sit with Santa for a photo or some story telling.  Avoid the hassle of the local mall and make Santa time more meaningful.

Where can Santa Bill visit?

With years of experience under his belt, Santa Bill will surely bring magic to your holiday this year. Enjoy countless smiles that will forever leave a memorable experience for all.


Photo Studio Work

Private Parties

Corporate Events

Birthday Parties

Surprise car/atv deliveries


Nursing homes & assisted living

Year round print, TV & movies

Community Events


Charity Events & Fundraisers

Christmas Eve Sneak and Peek

Church Events

Surprise military homecoming

Or any occasion you can think of…

Why hire Santa Bill?

Kids and kids alike will be thrilled with the excitement of having Santa in their home.  Santa Bill will bring smiles to everyone and whether he tells a story, reads a book or engages the whole gang to play Christmas music with hand bells, it will be a memorable experience for all. 

  • Natural beard & white hair
  • Traditional & Coca-Cola™ Suit
  • Bachelor of Santa Clausology from International University of Santa Claus
  • Background checked
  • Liability Insured
  • Member of Lone Star Santas
  • Committed to the Santa Oath!

Our Gallery

Browse through our gallery and see Santa Bill’s magic for yourself.

Santa Bill’s Workshop

Meet Santa Bill

Santa Bill’s Workshop will bring activities and entertainment for kids of all ages and your celebration this holiday season will make memories for a lifetime.  Take your Christmas celebration to a whole new level with a special visit by Santa Bill.

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